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Video Production

Compelling storytelling is key to articulating your message, promoting a product, 

exploring fresh entertainment programming, and having an impact on an audience.

Here are examples where our Producing, Writing, Editing, and Creative Problem-Solving

accomplishes this in various video venues — broadcast, streaming, long-and-short form.

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Program Development

BAD ROAD – Hyper-active action series from Germany, re-imagined, re-invented, and localized for American audiences. Part crime drama. Part high-octane surrealistic purgatory. Wheels totally on fire.

THE ODYSSEY - DECODED – International limited series production that sails the newly discovered navigation charts of Odysseus' famous journey to the north Atlantic and beyond

MANSONLAND – Limited series uncovers disturbing new documents linking the Family to radical groups and surprising celebrities, plus new allegations of an official law enforcement cover-up

Music Videos

(Don't Let It Be) A SAD OL' CHRISTMAS – Finding joy at the end of a tragic year with singer/songwriter Jennifer Saran and producer Narada Michael Walden

BACK HOME – Graham Nash's tribute to Levon Helm from the concert film, "Graham Nash In London"

KETAMINE – The etherial composition by

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum in a hypnotic, distanced, Covid dream

Message Video


"Lyric Music Video" focused on the refugee crisis, recently created to support an upcoming release from KC Porter.

WE GO HIGH – Supporting the 2020 "Get Out The Vote" campaign from Musicians for a Better America, featuring Nils Lofgren, Kevin McCormick, Jessica Childress

VOTE – Graham Nash's appeal for everyone to get out and vote, premiered on Rolling Stone: "To emphasize the message in the song, Nash tapped regular collaborator Andrew Thomas to make a video for “Vote” (Thomas previously helmed clips for Nash and David Crosby’s “Don’t Dig Here,” as well as Nash solo songs “Immigration Man,”

“Clear Blue Skies,” and “Almost Gone”). The visual collage is frank and unsparing about the current climate and the importance of voting."

     – Rolling Stone Magazine

WAKE UP: Earth Day is Every Day! – A 2021 Earth Day appeal for local organic, sustainable, eco-friendly farming with Jennifer Saran, Carlos Santana, Narada Michael Walden, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 

DON'T DIG HERE – Crosby/Nash triptych video on the nuclear threat, as a DVD extra and premiered at the post-Fukushima No Nukes event

DRUMS OF WAR – Capturing the In Studio recording session of Jackson Browne's powerful message 

Non-Fiction Broadcast

ANATOMY OF VINCE GUARALDI – Feature-length winner of Five Best Documentary Awards. (This is the 9-min version for NAMM for Guaraldi's Lifetime Achievement Award)


An intimate interview regarding Nash's passion for,

and history of, fine-art photography.

SUPER STRUCTURES – Discovery/TLC tent-post sweeps period mini-series on spectacular engineering achievements, including Nuclear Submarines, the Chunnel, and the Panama Canal

Advertising / Marketing

COLLECTIVE THINKING: A NEW RECORDING – The spring 2021 release from jazz legends

Johnnie Valentino, Clayton Cameron, Jimmy Haslip, Will Artope Jr and Elissa Lala. Social media announcement to send listeners straight to iTunes!

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER – Action/Drama series following a secret team of anti-Mafia investigators in Italy

AUTISM SPEAKS – Supporting the fund-raising campaign's concert special live, and on iTunes

TEAM HOT WHEELS – Announcing appearances of Mattel's "Team Hot Wheels" live action events, supporting the legendary toy 

RUNNING ON EMPTY – Social media campaign for the special re-release of Jackson Browne's iconic album

CSNY-1974 – Social media and Starbuck's co-promotion of major box set release of the legendary international tour

General Ephemera


Lyric video for the international release of the "Monster High" movie, "localized" for twelve territories with original type fonts... including this one in Turkish.

KOAN – Tribute to the people of Fukushima, presented on the giant stadium screens at Shoreline No Nukes event

PORGY TIREBITER SING-ALONG – Used to introduce live performances of the legendary Firesign Theatre. ("Shoes for Industry!")

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